Our goal is to inspire people to live a healthier life by making training simple!

R5 Training is here to help you accomplish one more workout, one more set, and one…more…rep!


We all know it is important to have a plan when setting goals. R5 Training allows you to log your workouts and we track your progress as you go. We make it easy to adjust weight, record reps, and change exercises in the middle of a workout


  • We have grouped the most common repetition ranges allowing you to set the rep range and record with one tap

    • The Medium repetition range allows you to select from 6 through 12 repetitions

    • The High repetition range allows you to select from 13-16 repetitions and Beast Mode is for repetitions higher than 16 

  • share workouts through iMessage

  • The Low repetition range allows you to select from 1 through 5 repetitions

  • Supersets. We not only allow you to link exercises, but during your workout R5 Training will automatically switch between exercises for you. No need to keep track, we got this.

  • Easily increase or decrease the weight you are working with by tapping on the common weight increments

    • Weight increments are 1lb, 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, and 45lbs which makes it easy to adjust the weight you are working with

  • You can swipe between exercises allowing you to skip an exercise, or go back to a pervious exercise

  • Quickly add or change an exercise in the middle of a workout.

  • Scroll between sets

  • Rest timer. Keep the intensity high with the rest timer. You will be notified when your rest time is up and it’s time to get back to work

  • Workout Totals. We tally up the weight you moved, the sets, and the reps to easily share with friends



Martin Rascon

Release Date

Jan 10th 2017


iOS  9+ for iPhone





USD $1.99



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